Personnel is the most valuable asset of "Wagenborg Oilfield Services" LLC. The Company business success is entirely dependent on people working for it. Each employee of the Company, from General Director to a worker, is responsible for quality of their work, constantly striving to improve it.

The main aims and objectives of human resources policy of the Company are:

• provision of adequate and safe working conditions;

• timely provision of highly qualified personnel;

• training and development;

• efficient employee motivation;

• development of corporate culture.

Personnel Development

To ensure the Company developing, it is necessary to develop its main asset – the Company's employees. Only highly qualified employees will be able to take the Company to a leading position in its field. A personnel training and development system helps form and maintain the organization's employees in the "working tone", and that is to increase the professional skills of employees, to provide them with the ability to work in a team. The processes of learning and development increase productivity and efficient functioning of the whole Company.

The Company pays great attention to the education and training of employees, working with major Russian and foreign educational centers, organizing and paying for various level employees training abroad.

The company constantly monitors the changes in socio-economic conditions, in particular, inflation and labor market. The Company management regularly makes decisions on indexation of wages by the results of monitoring in accordance with the financial possibilities, to provide its employees with competitive wages.

Compensations And Benefits

"Wagenborg Oilfield Services" LLC provides employees with all social guarantees stipulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Furthermore, the Company provides its employees with additional benefits package, which includes guarantees, compensations and benefits not covered by the legislation of the Russian Federation:

• payment of the cost of travel to the vacation destination and back (once in two years);

• transporting employees to work/home by the Company transport;

• provision of corporate communication;

• payment of financial assistance.

Job Vacancies

You are welcome to place your CV for the next vacancies:

In Noyabrsk

- Drilling Equipment Service Technician;

- Drilling Equipment Repair Technician;

- CNC Lathe Operators (of 5th-6th grade);

- Procurement Specialist

If you are a professional and your goal is a successful carrier in the strong and progressive Company with a high grade of social responsiveness, please, send your resume to the one of e-mail addresses:

or fax over +7 (3496) 354 852